Thinking Of Propane?

Hi- back today after a bit of a lay off- just in time for the swimming season! Are you thinking of installing a propane heater? Are you thinking of switching from natural gas to propane for cost reasons? Want to know the costs? If so read this. Quite often we get the question How much does my pool heater cost to run? Here’s some quick information to help you figure out how much it is costing you to heat your pool.

Complementing Your Pool Heaters With Solar


People often think that if they live in a cold state it's a waste of time getting solar heaters

In some respects they are right, but some solar heaters are so cheap and they can also compliment your pool heating set-up if used correctly, it's nearly a shame to let even the moderate bit of sun you get go to waste. So the debate begins about solar heaters

Just think back to those hot days when you were trapped in school beside a window- glass magnifies heat.

Gas Heater Protection In Saltwater Pools

Pool heaters today are protected against corrosion to a certain degree. Cupro-nickel heat exchangers for example can withstand excessive salt and chlorine. Now if your pool has a chlorine leak and you do nothing about it, or if you disapper for a few months and a chlorine outbreak goes unnoticed, you can certain destroy the heat exchanger, copper nickel or not. Even with tougher components you still need to keep acidity and salinity levels in check.

Vacuuming Your Pool With A Suction-Side Cleaner (Auto & Manual Stylee)

They principles are very similar whether you are choosing an auto or manual style vacuum cleaner. With any pool vac cleaner you will get a vacuum adapter plate which needs to be the right size to fit your skimmer. See this video below for an example. Usually the skimmer is round in an above ground pool so the adapter plate can fit down inside the hole and create that suction through the hose.

Proper Handling Of Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals are not toys and should be handled with caution. If mistreated and that means the amount you also add to your pool in the cause of sanitation, they can do more harm than good. Here's some points to remember courtesy of While pool chemicals are available to solve almost all water problems, they can be dangerous to humans and animals if handled improperly. Chemicals can cause skin and eye damage and can be fatal if swallowed.

Manual Or Auto Pool Cleaning

The actual name Kreepy Krauly (a Pentair Product) has become synonymous with pool cleaners just like the brand name hoover has become synonymous with vacuum cleaners. Price The actual price of pool cleaners ranges from under $1000 to $1500+

They do not require a booster pump nor do they need to be attached to your filtration system. All these pool cleaners from the likes of Polaris and Pentair are adept at scrubbing and vacuuming from the pool floor right up to the walls inside even the most complex freeform shapes of pools

Has Your Pool Gone Green? Don’t Panic

If your pool has gone green all of a sudden, or if you have just arrived back from a break away and you noticed your pool is turning green don't panic. Algae is a very common problem in pools. It can occur if your pump is broken, your filter is clogged or your chlorinator ran empty. Once algae sets in it will continually grow until all of it is eliminated. You need to nuke it with chlorine (free chlorine) until ALL of it is gone.

Switch Your Pool Lighting To L.E.D. For longer Lasting Bulbs & Cheaper Energy Bills

some kind of blue Here's 5 reasons to switch your pool lighting to L.E.D. Cheaper L.E.D. lighting can cost up to 5 times less than incandescent traditional pool lights. 2. Eco Friendly An average l.e.d. bulb uses up to 75% less power than a traditional bulb. They use less energy so they are not only less expensive to run but kinder to the environment. 3. Longer Lasting Bulbs A traditional bulb in a pool lighting kit lasts an average of 5000 hours.

Caps For Olympic Swimmers!

Now that the Rio Olympics is underway open water swimming and diving is getting a lot of coverage. Being a keen open water swimmer myself, but I'm now getting to the age where i don't get to spend a lot of time out in the open water swimming against or with the tide. I did pay particular attention to the choice of swimming caps a lot of the athletes in Rio were using.

Pentair Intelliflo 011018 Pump Reduces Pool Running Costs Up To 70%


Models Like The Pentair Intelliflo 011018 have dramatically reduced electricity pools and have done away with an unnecessary expense

They are also kinder to the environment.   Solar Pool Heating Other than installing a variable speed pump, some public pools are now experiencing great energy savings by choosing a solar pool heating system

Pentair MasterTemp 400 Gas Heater

They are also the best at heating up a pool and keeping it at the desired temperature even if the air temperature is cold

Heaters can also be up to 95% efficient

So therefore only $5 of the gas will be lost in the energy production process the heater uses. Pentair MasterTemp 400 Gas Heater Energy efficiency has been raised by heaters that use a combustion chamber like the Pentair MasterTemp 400

What’s The Best Pool Heater To Buy?

Having your own swimming pool is an extravagant luxury. Yet a lot of people have one in their back yard in America, and fortunately the climate is good enough to at least get a lot of use out of it in the summer. Compared to other parts of the world swimming pool ownership is a lot cheaper here compared to say the UK. Not only does the climate there not suit a pool, but it would cost a lot more for service technicians, and parts as there is not as much supply and demand.

Pool Heating Guide

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