Gas Heater Protection In Saltwater Pools

Pool heaters today are protected against corrosion to a certain degree. Cupro-nickel heat exchangers for example can withstand excessive salt and chlorine. Now if your pool has a chlorine leak and you do nothing about it, or if you disapper for a few months and a chlorine outbreak goes unnoticed, you can certain destroy the heat exchanger, copper nickel or not. Even with tougher components you still need to keep acidity and salinity levels in check.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 Gas Heater

They are also the best at heating up a pool and keeping it at the desired temperature even if the air temperature is cold

Heaters can also be up to 95% efficient

So therefore only $5 of the gas will be lost in the energy production process the heater uses. Pentair MasterTemp 400 Gas Heater Energy efficiency has been raised by heaters that use a combustion chamber like the Pentair MasterTemp 400