Manual Or Auto Pool Cleaning

The actual name Kreepy Krauly (a Pentair Product) has become synonymous with pool cleaners just like the brand name hoover has become synonymous with vacuum cleaners. Price The actual price of pool cleaners ranges from under $1000 to $1500+

They do not require a booster pump nor do they need to be attached to your filtration system. All these pool cleaners from the likes of Polaris and Pentair are adept at scrubbing and vacuuming from the pool floor right up to the walls inside even the most complex freeform shapes of pools

Has Your Pool Gone Green? Don’t Panic

If your pool has gone green all of a sudden, or if you have just arrived back from a break away and you noticed your pool is turning green don't panic. Algae is a very common problem in pools. It can occur if your pump is broken, your filter is clogged or your chlorinator ran empty. Once algae sets in it will continually grow until all of it is eliminated. You need to nuke it with chlorine (free chlorine) until ALL of it is gone.