Manual Or Auto Pool Cleaning

No matter if you use chlorine or not you will still have to clean your pool. After while, dust and dirt will settle on the walls and floor of your pool. Even a good pump and filter basket cannot stop that. Also accidents and spillages can happen, both with your chlorine and also from pesky humans!


But i wouldn’t freak out just yet about the length and time + effort you need to invest on top of all your other pool duties. You can of course enlist the help of an automatic pool cleaner. There are many big brand names on the market with great reputations including, Kreep Krauly, Polaris and Dolphin to name but a few.

There als0 happens to be a lot more generic brand names offering cheaper if not quite so long lasting products. The actual name Kreepy Krauly (a Pentair Product) has become synonymous with pool cleaners just like the brand name hoover has become synonymous with vacuum cleaners.


The actual price of pool cleaners ranges from under $1000 to $1500+. It depends on the functionality. The models ranging under $100 require a lot more intervention on your part. They consist of a manual vacuum type cleaning device and are usually attached to your pools suction and filtration systems which power them.


Pool Technology

There are 3 types of pool cleaners, pressure side, suction side and robotic pool cleaners.

Pressure side cleaners collect dirt in an attached debris sack and use a pressure line to propel them around your pool. Some require a booster pump to run.

Suction side cleaners attach to your pools suction line and use the pressure to power themselves around your pool. They also use your pools filtration system and pool pump to run. They are the cheapest cleaner as they require less parts, but they can be taxing on your pools resources; filter, pump, electricity.

Robotic pool cleaners don’t use anything to work except electricity and they provide superior cleaning and require the least amount of effort on your part. Hence they are the most expensive type of cleaner.


Stand Alone Pool Cleaners

For the complete all-in-one cleaning solution robotic pool cleaners require the least intervention on your part and also cost the most money. They do not require a booster pump nor do they need to be attached to your filtration system.

All these pool cleaners from the likes of Polaris and Pentair are adept at scrubbing and vacuuming from the pool floor right up to the walls inside even the most complex freeform shapes of pools. They will generally navigate tricky areas like steps and ladders, and if stuck they will usually reverse and figure out a new route.

Usually these cleaners can clean a medium sized pool in a few hours. You would ideally leave them running for a few hours and come back to find a clean pool.

if you have a large pool and have the cash to spare i would go with a robotic cleaner. You can certainly live without one and if you don’t mind a little more hands on interaction, a much cheaper suction or pressure side cleaner will do. For the manual hardcore among you there is always the scrubbing brush or an unbranded pool vac that you can buy for under a $100.

If you want a good brand name for a bare bones vac Pentair make the E-Z Vac. It actually plugs into your pools suction line, and it is very adept at doing a thorough basic clean.

Enough for all but the most extreme fussy. It does take a long time to do it’s job and you will spend a lot of time dragging it around the pool, but it’s better than getting a snorkel and doing the job yourself!

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