Switch Your Pool Lighting To L.E.D. For longer Lasting Bulbs & Cheaper Energy Bills

some kind of blue
some kind of blue

Here’s 5 reasons to switch your pool lighting to L.E.D.

  1. Cheaper

L.E.D. lighting can cost up to 5 times less than incandescent traditional pool lights.

2. Eco Friendly

An average l.e.d. bulb uses up to 75% less power than a traditional bulb. They use less energy so they are not only less expensive to run but kinder to the environment.

3. Longer Lasting Bulbs

A traditional bulb in a pool lighting kit lasts an average of 5000 hours. L.e.d. bulbs can last up to 30,000 hours and some even outlast 50,000 hours. So not only are they better value for money, they require less maintenance and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of changing awkwardly placed bulbs.

4. Color Changing Effects

One of the main reasons people like l.e.d. bulbs is the vibrant bright brilliant white light they admit. They also come in traditional yellow, but one cool factor is that you can now set them to run in a color sequence. L.e.d. lights can fade from blue, to green to red, all colors in the color spectrum can be achieved. Set it to cool blue or if you are having a party set your lights to auto change or flash every few seconds. Plus you can also dim the light intensity to suit the mood.

5. Match Your Pool Lighting To The Season

Want to throw a Christmas party and use your pool as the backdrop? Well why not set your pool lighting system to flashing green? Fancy a New Years Fireworks backdrop? Set your system for an explosive outburst of frenetic color strobes during the New Years countdown. You may have to amp your pool heater to the max if you plan to get into the water in the winter!

6. Durable Bulbs

L.e.d. bulbs are extremely durable. They are more able to withstand the seasons than traditional bulbs. As the lights don’t have filaments in them they are not easily damaged by hand or if someone or your pool cleaner for example crashes into them. L.e.d’s are impervious to shock and vibrations so they are pretty much indestructible unless you take a hammer to them.

7. Little To No Heat Emitted

L.e.d. bulbs do not emit much if any heat. There is virtually no risk of anyone burning themselves on these bulbs.

8. Less Chance Of Blown Bulbs

How many times have you switched on a light and it instantly has blown due to a power surge. Annoying if you need to replace this inside your pool let alone in the house. Thankfully this is not an issue with L.E.D. Traditional bulbs also take a second or 2 to warm up to full power, this doesn’t happen with L.e.d. as they instantly switch to full power. This also is another reason they don’t blow so much.

9. Can Also Run On Solar Power

L.e.d. lighting can be powered by low voltage power. Therefore you can also hook it up to solar powered panels and this is enough to power the lights.

10. Purchase Cost

L.E.D. lights were expensive a few years ago, but now due to the high volume in which they are manufactured prices are dropping year on year. So when relating this to costs, they last longer, use less electricity, and the purchase price is dropping. It’s a complete win-win solution.

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